Why Being Found on Google is More Important Than Ever

November 9, 2021
Why Being Found on Google is More Important Than Ever

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is killing it right now. In just the first quarter of 2021, the tech company pulled in $55.31 billion — $3.6 billion more than expected — and a 34% increase from Q1 2020.Google’s revenue is up 34% from the same time last year. That’s a tidy $17.9 billion in profit in case you’re counting — nearly $18 million in profit for just three months. Projected out for a year, that’s more in profit than the total market cap of Honda, Kraft, Marriott, Kimberly Clark, Prudential, and Allstate Insurance.Earnings per share of $26.29 beat the market estimate of $15.82.It doesn’t get better than this in business.It helps that Google search now has a 92% market share in but still. That’s a Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson type beat, you guys.

How Did Google Do That?

Unlike Tesla, Google makes its money the old-fashioned way... from its core business. That’s "search" in case you’ve been in a vegetative state since 1998.People are searching Google more as they try to figure out where to go now that they can leave their homes — more than 6 million searches are happening every day. Businesses have been paying attention, increasing their ad spend as the economy reopens. Search marketing is driving conversions.If you’re not doing everything possible to get your SEO in order and take advantage of this massive opportunity right now, you’re missing out. You can only hope your competitors haven’t figured it out yet because the companies that have dialed it in are blowing it out.The top listing on Google gets 28.5% of all the clicks. The top five get 70%. Do people even make it to page two?

SEO and Paid Search

SEO’s a long game, but you need to play. Companies that invest in the SEO best practices to rank high in organic search can count on a regular stream of visitors and conversions. Those the excel can propel their brand and reap the benefits for years.We suggest you do both.Whether you’re a giant brand looking to improve your search performance on the national stage, or a local business trying to capture consumers searching locally, 20North Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with the expertise and firepower to help you make a move.Ask the team at AM Solar. They wanted to increase sales and we delivered a 98% increase in organic traffic and a 100% increase in paid search traffic. Invado Solutions saw a 96% increase in organic traffic, a 100% increase in paid search traffic, and a 229% increase in referral traffic.And check this out. Blue Sky Vet Clinic is a local vet clinic in Bend, OR. Our local SEO campaigns increased organic traffic 137% and — wait for it — grew paid display traffic by 836%.

Serious About Winning on Google?

Are you serious about winning on Google and taking advantage of the massive audience Google delivers? Contact the search experts at 20North Marketing today and let’s put together a plan to grow your business. You can’t afford to wait any longer.