How to Give 20North Access to Your BigCommerce Account

1. Login to

2. On the left navigation bar, click “Account Settings”:

3. On the same menu, click on “Users”:

4. You’ll see a page with all the current users. Click on “Create a User Account” at the top of the page:

5. In the User Details section, put in the “Email” field. Leave the other 2 fields as they are (Status = Active, Language = English):

6. In the Permissions section under “User Role,” select “Store Administrator.”:

7. Selecting “Store Administrator” will automatically grant all the necessary permissions

How to Give 20North Access to Your BigCommerce Sandbox Account

1. If you have a Sandbox environment, we would also like access to that. A Sandbox environment is a “staging” site, where we can test out apps, integrations, etc. without affecting the live site.

1. The process for adding users to Sandbox is the exact same as adding a user to your live site.

Sandbox stores are intended for developing and testing apps. They cannot process any live transactions. – BigCommerce

If you don’t have a Sandbox, no worries! If we need one to complete our work, we can talk about setting one up.