How to Give 20North Access to Your WordPress Account

1. Log into your WordPress account.


2. From your dashboard, navigate to “Users” and click “Add New”:

3. Fill out the following sections:

  1. Username: create username for our team to login in. “20North” will do.
  2. Email: input
  3. Password: either generate a random password or create your own
  4. Send User Notification: make sure this is checked so we receive an email
  5. Role: default role is “Subscriber”. Please change this to “Administrator”.
  6. Click “Add New User”

How to Give 20North Access to Your Staging Site

If you have a WordPress Staging Environment, we would also like access to that. A Staging Environment is a “test” site, where we can test out apps, integrations, etc. without affecting the live site.

1. Log in to WP Engine

2. Under “Users”, click on “Account Users”:

3. In the Account Users page, click on “Add User”:

4. Add the following contact information:

  1. First name: 20North
  2. Last Name: Marketing
  3. Email:
  4. Account Access: ensure this is set to “Full (no billing)”

5. Click “Create user”:

Sandbox stores are intended for developing and testing apps. They cannot process any live transactions. – BigCommerce