SEO Instant Ranker:
Accelerate Your Shopify SEO Efforts

See results up to 10x faster with Instant Indexer

How it Works

Connect with Google

Simplified Google Integration

Our step-by-step guide makes it effortless to set up on Google Cloud, from project creation to key access.

Turn on Instant Index

Automatic Indexing to Google

Whenever you update your website for SEO improvements, our app instantly notifies Google. Say goodbye to waiting for crawls!

Activate on Shopify

Seamless Shopify Integration

Integrate directly with your Shopify store. Choose which site updates you want Google to be notified of and input your API key. That's it!


Auto Indexing to Google

We automatically push your site updates directly to Google for rapid re-ranking.

Manual Indexing to Google

Want to notify Google about a specific webpage? Use our 'Manual Index' feature for direct submissions.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Monitor all updates sent to Google's Indexing engine. Know what was sent, when, and its status – all in real-time.


Fast-Track SEO Results

Achieve quicker SEO results by ensuring Google is aware of your site updates immediately.

Total SEO Control

From manually indexing specific pages to monitoring sent items, you're in the driver's seat.

Optimize Your Budget

Make the most of a free quota of 200 requests per day to Google's Indexing API, ensuring value for money.