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More Keywords Ranking On Google’s First Two Pages


More Engaged Sessions


Project Overview

Online presence is important for anybusiness, especially those who are looking to expand in a niche industry.Owning the space starts with high-quality products, but being able tocommunicate those products and reach the right audience is key. Prior to ourpartnership, Hold Up Displays was on the right track, but needed guidance witha clear strategy and the right content that would help target the right users.

Atrue combination of passion and expertise, Hold Up Displays was started in 2007 with the goal of providinghigh-quality, highly-functional firearm displays in gun shops. It has sinceexpanded to meet the needs of any and every gun owner, with a modular systemthat provides a safe, effective, and professional way to store and displayfirearms.

HoldUp Displays uses the best materials to create displays for a variety offirearms, archery equipment, and tactical gear. Their gun wall products are thebest in the industry, manufactured in the USA and designed by gun enthusiastsfor homes, vaults, tradeshows, and gun shops. They also create a variety ofwall mounts, free-standing racks, and accessories.

Project Execution

Contentwas king in the Hold Up Displays pilot. New content meant new users and moreconversion opportunities on their site. This SEO-rich content includes thefollowing:

  • Long-form blogsprovided many benefits to the website, acting as a useful resource for currentcustomers while also bringing in new users and expanding to new audiences,those who may not know about Hold Up Displays
  • Building outmain category pages was key to beating out the competition in thosehigh-priority keywords. The new page design enhanced the user experience andmade the page more conversion friendly.
  • User-friendlychanges to main pages that increased engaged sessions by 27%
  • To target thosetransactional keywords and provide real solutions to a consumer’s search, webuilt out descriptions, information, & FAQs on specific product pages, allin an effort to drive that conversion completion
  • Technical SEO to ensure users are finding thesite and having the best experience

Project Results

An initial site structure projectfocused on optimizing and re-targeting top priority page metas led 20North’steam into a swift 90-day pilot with Hold Up Displays.

With an efficient SEO strategy ready togo, we were able to produce valuable content for the site. This content wasproduced in 3 main ways: First, keyword-focused blogs were created to bring innew users and provide resources to potential customers. Next, new categorycontent and designs were utilized on Hold Up Display’s main collections in asuccessful effort to beat out the competition on the search engine page andimprove user experience. Lastly, product descriptions optimized specific productpriorities and ensured users were clicking on these transactional pages. Withan increase of 21% more keywords on the first two pages of Google, this contentwas strategically crafted to enhance user experience and rank on the searchengine page. Showing up on Google proved to be successful by reaching newaudiences with 30% more impressions and a 9% increase in organic users.

In a niche industry, we were able tobring new categories, designs, and ideas to the site that helped Hold UpDisplays reach a wider audience and gain more market share. After proving oursuccess, we advanced the partnership and are continuing to find those uniqueways to own the industry.

  • 21% MoreKeywords Ranking On Google’s First Two Pages
  • 27% MoreEngaged Sessions
  • 30% More Impressions


“Just completed the 90-day pilot and was surprisingly impressed. We’ve had poor experiences with other agencies in the past, but 20North knocked it out of the park. Keywords, organic traffic, and visibility grew tremendously. We started in June, and look at the quick spike in keyword visibility/rankings (image attached). They’re also very responsive, which is important to us. This team definitely knows what they are doing and we’re excited to continue on with them!” – Tyler Westpfahl

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