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Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic revenue


Project Overview

Blessed Performance is a primary automotive performance parts online retailer, specializing in diesel trucks.

Their customer service and expertise have been a huge part of their success. They strive to provide exceptional service, walking the customer through their journey and helping throughout the way. It was time to translate their excellence into a digital space, and 20North was excited to be a part of the process.

Before partnering with 20North, SEO was not a focus. While expanding operations with a newly secured warehouse, Blessed Performance was looking to take its reach to a new level.

Their primary objective for further growing the business centered around taking market share from competitors. Advertisements and forum posts had helped Blessed Performance grow up to a point, but this would not sustain the company’s long-term growth and full potential. Instead of renting Google space through advertisements, Blessed Performance was interested in owning that space with SEO.

To take key market share from industry leaders and move up on Google, Blessed Performance needed higher online exposure through relevant content that attracts buyer interest.

Project Execution

20North partnered with Blessed Performance to increase the brand’s online relevance and organic traffic. Our main goal was to reach these organic users and bring them to the site to convert.

To complete our goals, the team kicked off an SEO campaign with the focus of moving high-intent, priority keywords to page 1 of Google’s results page. We were successful in ranking on page one for not only more keywords, but more relevant keywords. Our specific strategy included some of the following.

  • Keyword research allowed us to understand what the consumers were searching for and how we could reach them
  • We kicked off with a site structure that helped web pages rank on Google and set a foundation for SEO success
  • Long-form blogs were a huge success, focusing on our specific keywords. These blogs help us reach new users while also building up Blessed Performance as an industry leader and resource
  • Collection page optimizations added relevant content to product categories that enhanced the user’s experience and improved the page’s ranking on Google
  • Product optimizations were specific to their priority products and, again, optimized content on the page that would help their offerings show up on Google
  • Throughout our campaign, we maintained conversion tracking that allowed us to see organic growth, report our success, and tweak any of our efforts along the way

Project Results

20North has been able to increase organic traffic, conversions, and revenue for Blessed Performance with an SEO-focused strategy.

With relevant content creation, including blog, collections, and product pages, Blessed Performance is able to rank on the first page of google, reaching more users and bringing potential customers to their website.

  • 79% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 54% Increase in Organic Revenue
  • 234% More Keywords Ranking on Google Page 1


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