All Out Sprint to Adapt to COVID

Creating a best-in-class national lead funnel from scratch




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Commercial Cleaning


Increase in monthly traffic


Leads generated


Project Overview

Whenthe pandemic hit, demand for their commercial cleaning and, more specifically,electrostatic disinfection services skyrocketed. The problem was they had adisjointed, fragmented, and absent online presence in many markets. A lack ofdigital infrastructure combined with shelter-in-place orders meant theycouldn’t rely on just outbound sales anymore and all of this demand was goingto the competition.

Enviro-Masterneeded to create an inbound lead funnel as quickly as possible. They had theopportunity to reach new clients and required an enterprise-level website fortheir brand, microsites in every market, digital advertising, and search engineoptimization to do so.

Project Execution

20Northwas called in to completely turn around Enviro-Master’s digital presence. Thisincluded a full SEO & Advertising Campaign.

Ourgoal was to optimize their content based on specific keywords and findqualified customers while tracking their conversions and adjusting our effortsalong the way.

First,we designed and developed a conversion-friendly website complete withmicrosites in all 88 markets within a record 20 days.

Next,we kicked off SEO campaigns at the corporate and individual market levels tobuild organic leads that included:

  • Designed anddeveloped a conversion-friendly website complete with microsites in all 88markets within a record 20 days.
  • Created Googlesearch, display, and discovery advertising campaigns in each market to startcapturing demand fast.
  • Kicked off SEOcampaigns at the corporate and individual market levels to build organic leadsthat included:
    ○     Google My Business optimization and reviewcampaigns
    ○     SEO Content marketing and generation
    ○     Geographically focused landing pages for longtail intent within market territories.
    ○     Video production and YouTube SEO
  • Createda proprietary conversion tracking and reporting process that allows the customerto track actual dollars generated through the advertising/marketing funnel.

Project Results

Bypartnering with 20North, Enviro-Master Services was able to increase monthlytraffic. Starting with 9,386 monthly visitors, 20North grew that number to 38kin just 90 days and 50.5k in 180 days.

OurSEO & Advertising campaigns also generated 12k inbound leads, almost 4k5-star Google reviews, and the best customer retention rate in company history.

Ina span of six months, EMS was able to expand its reach, gain a long-termdigital presence, and make real conversions. By working withEnviro-Master, we are proud to help generate real leads that in turn, promotepositive levels of health and safety in businesses around North America. We areexcited to continue driving growth and providing results for such a greatcompany.

  • 438% Increase inMonthly Traffic
  • 12k Generated Leads
  • ~4k Google Reviews


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